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Sunday, January 1st, 2012 7 01 /01 / Jan /2012 07:05


You remember of James Dean And certainly not of Ricky NelsonWhich(Who) will have marked the USA not by his(her,its) actor's game(set,play) but rather for its country music which had made it a star of the kind(genre).

Nevertheless, from the age of 19 years, he(it) played in the famous Rio Bravo ofHoward HawksEnter John Wayne And Dean Martin


Pistolero young person joining the besieged fortress! This prestigious leading part promised it the others but the fate wanted it otherwise, because the young man made a career in the song rather than on film sets.

A small duet with Dean Martin To begin this new year!

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Thursday, September 1st, 2011 4 01 /09 / frog /2011 09:21


My meeting with Basil Poledouris Was made in the cinema Cézanne, in the Aix en Provence, in spring, 1982, when that with a colleague, Francis RavaI heard(understood), for the first time, Anvil of Crom, the music of Conan's credits(Conan's generic medicine) the Barbarian, of John MiliusWho threw(launched) the career(quarry) of Schwarzy!

More beautiful movie of Heroic Fantasy before the Lord of Rings, the opus of Milius Distinguished itself by a scene(stage) of legendary opening Where a village was ravaged by the dark troops of Thulsa DoomPlayed by a "tremendous" James Earl Jones !


But the lament of Conan Will change in merciless vengeance!

Enjoy Riddle of Steel and Riders of Doom...

Conan's Soundtrack the Barbarian, whose epic breath will glorify gesture(movement) warrior of the cimérien, will throw(launch) the career(quarry) of Poledouris. Conan the destroyer, Robocop, The Flesh and the blood, In pursuit of Red OctoberHigh-speed trap, Starship Troopers, but none of these BO will equal that of the Conan!
Basil Poledouris Died in 2006.

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Sunday, July 17th, 2011 7 17 /07 / July /2011 06:45


Dirty mac, consummé cigar, watches over 403 rotted,


The inspector ColumboAtypical and a little bit ridiculous cop, in the permier access(manner), was supposed to be for a funny, at the beginning, with the culprits of the series! But this presumed gnafron, with its stories(trouble) of dog and woman which did not finish it any more, was an outstanding logician, who always managed to clamp the meutriers which believed to have made the perfect crime(murder)!

It is in 1971 that the series really began, with an episode, Murder by the portfolioRealized by certain Steven Spielberg !

The series distinguished itself by two recurring elements. At the level of the casting, the murderer was a known actor, even a star on the decline, and on the narrative plan, the episodes always began with the murder, executed by a murderer known for televiewers. The heart of the episode telling the way ColumboWas going to resolve the affair(business) and to clamp the culprit. It is moreover surprising that a series with so few actions(shares) and so many verbosities colomboesque had so much success, because half of the episodes often amounted to monologues of the fûté inspector, on subjects so diverse as his wife or her dog!


The season 1 having worked well, the season 2 adorns itself with more prestigious actors, as his friend John Cassavettes,


Conductor who will be pitched(caught) to have forgotten a carnation(eyelet) in the buttonhole, or Ray MillandThe husband of Grace KellyIn the Crime(Murder) was almost completed ofHitchcock.


Bad murderer, RayBecause you were pitched(caught) twice!

Personally, I also like the episode of the season 2, The most dangerous game, of 1973, who tells a murder in the environment(middle) of the failures(chess), taking advantage of the extraordinary echo of the victory of the American Robert James FischerIn Reykjavik, in 1972, on the Soviet citizen Boris Spassky For the world title.


Peter Falk A connoisseur of 64 compartments was, and he must be conquered by this episode there!

To note that both accomplices of the series of the western Mysteries, Robert Conrad And Ross Martin


Chief murderesses, in an episode were both. Artemus GordonIn the season 1, in the episode Full Frame(Executive),


And James WestIn the season 4, the episode Fatal exercise.


He(It) would be too long to quote the celebrities which turned(shot) in an episode of Colombo, just like the heroes of the western Mysteries, many actors of television series, as William Shatner ( Captain Kirk in Star Trek), Léonard Nimoy ( Spoke in Star Trek), Patrick McGoohan ( The prisoner) Patrick McNee (Derby hat), Robert Culp ( The spies), Ricardo Montalban ( The fantastic island) But also movie stars as Janet Leight (Psychosis), Sal Mineo ( The passion for life ), Donald Pleasance ( The spectre) Robert Vaughn ( 7 mercenaries), Louis Jourdan ( Octopussy), Mako ( Conan the barbarian), in brief, it was always the guest star which gave tit for tat to the inspector Columbo !

But the career(quarry) of Peter Falk Did not amount to the character of the famous inspector, because that since The speechless Forest Of Nicolas RayIn 1958,


In the Wings of the Desire, of Wim WendersIn 1993,


Peter Falk Will have turned(shot) in tens of movies!

But it is unquestionably its collaboration with John CassavettesWhich(Who) began with HusbandsIn 1970,

falk gazzara cassavettes

With another accomplice, Ben GazzaraAlcoholic trio which will give magnificent movies,


As a Woman under influence ( 1974 ), Opening Nights ( 1977 ) and Big Trouble in 1986.

This big Epicurean of Peter Thus went there, and I imagine the apéritifs that he(it) will fight with JohnIn the Paradise of the holy drinkers!

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Thursday, May 19th, 2011 4 19 /05 / May /2011 10:16


The day before yesterday, the Cannes film festival paid a vibrating tribute in Jean-Paul BelmondoOne of the last ones of the Mohicans of the French cinema, which had not returned any more in the city(estate) of the cinema, since 1974, time(period) when it had sworn not to put any more feet in the famous Festival! For 37 years, some water flowed(sank) under bridges(decks), and dashing forty-year-old fond of waterfalls and roulades(rolls) changed into a respectable patriarch in the white mane, handicaped by an AVC which left him(it) with a crutch(stand) and some difficulties to express himself! But if the man changed, the charm stays, as proves him(it) the creature which holds him(her) the arm!

For me, BébelIt is a little the hero of my childhood, the bandit Cartridge,


In jumping up Man of Rio,


By way of Guignolo!


But I knew later that there had been 2 Belmondo. The young man outdone(subsidized) by the Comédie Franþaise Turning(Shooting) with the film-makers of the New Wave, as Jean-Luc Godard


François Truffaut


And Jean-Pierre Melville


And BebelComedian defrocked priest, leaving the rags of the sophistication and the art-house cinema, to marry a career(quarry) of inveterate bastonneur,


At the middle-cop, the middle-hooligan,


Big-hearted gangster,


Or little hoisted "chicken",


Jumping up hero who enchanted the 70s, to end with Have him(it) Have!


Since the environment(middle) of the 80s and except for the route of a spoilt child, Bebel Victim of his age, not allowing him(her) any more kept silent or got lost in movies without interests, to make his usual waterfalls and not having been able to be converted to more adapted roles! But it is difficult to take(bring) out stereotypes of the "bastonneur" which go made "star"; it is the prize(lot) of all the big actors of the cinema of action(share), that to finish so!

Nevertheless he was a giant of the French cinema, second half of 20E Century, and when I would have had the privilege, to estimate(appreciate) the young person Belmondo

belmondo jeune smoke

And the old man Bebel !


Thank you, the artist!

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 3 13 /04 / April /2011 09:41


Bullitt, realized by Peter YatesIn 1968, is not certainly the best movie of Steve McQueenBut he(it) will stay in the history(story) for the pursuit(continuation) of cars in the streets of San Francisco, which can seem palôte in front of wrinkles of "Fast and Furious", even exceeded! But it will remain the first pursuit(continuation) of cars worthy of the name of the history(story) of the cinema, with the Mustang Fastback GT390 of SteveAnd his(her,its) snore of engine so characteristic,


Pursuing Dodge Charger


In the streets of Frisco Accompanied of divine one jazzy music of Lalo SchifrinComposer-songwriter of theme music, whom you know "without knowing it", because he is the author of the theme of...


And under the admiring glance of Jacqueline Bisset !



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