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American drama

Friday, October 21st, 2011 5 21 /10 / Oct /2011 07:49


Industrial village in Pensylvannie,


Worker handling a blowtorch,


Cimino Plant his(her,its) decoration(set) from the beginning, between factory chimneys and pub where a group of friends which(who) work in the same factory détentent.


John CazaleAmong whom(which) it will be the last movie, because reached(affected) by a cancer of bones, during the shooting, drink with his(her) friends,


Of whom(which) Of Niro And Christopher Walken.


A big party(holiday) gets ready, because Steven PushkovPlayed by John SavageHas to get married.

cazale savage hunter

The opportunity(occasion) for Cimino To film an endless wedding scene(stage), by being inspired, certainly, by the scene(stage) of opening of the Godfather,


During whom(which) Nick//Walken Will make his(her) demand(request) in Linda//Meryl Streep.


This festive evocation of the fate of a small Russian community, in full industrial Pensylvannie, highlights the happy solidarity of his(her) members, through this group of buddies which does not jib raising the elbow,


And to call to a soldier,


Which(Who) comes back from Vietnam!


The nouba finishes, and the drunk troop decides to leave hunting(chasing away,going hunting),


Opportunity(Occasion) for the director to show us the contrast enters this manufacturer city(estate),

usine fog

And this spotless nature.



Hunting scene which welds this male friendship,



And connect(bind) this community with this Earth of Pensylvannie!

Brutally the decoration(set) changes, and its mountains, Of Niro//Michael Vronsky Meets in the Vietnamese jungle


To burn(blow) out of the vietcong with his(her,its) lance-flame! Striking contrast, narrative break which plunges us into the horrors of the war, far from soft Pensylvannie! Arrested, with Nick And SteveConfined in a cage(goal) plunged into a river,


To watch géôliers making play prisoners the Russian roulette!



Steven Nick Then Michael Will pass there...



Under the glance frightened by his(her) friends!


By taking(bringing) out supernaturally, the war of Vietnam will amount to this part(party) of Russian roulette which will summarize the atrocity of the war and will allow in CiminoWith this narrative process, to avoid itself of long scenes(stages) warriors. "Journey" is in fact no war movie, but a history(story) on the effects of the war!

Because when Michael Will return to his(her,its) small village, to its deep America,


To find the friends and the family,


In particular LindaWith whom(which) he was secretly in love,



The community will have profoundly been boulversée and the fortunately sad reunion,


In the sound of a moving requiem.


Because the war bruised the legs of Steve


Sat(Based) in a wheelchair for the remainder of its life! Nick Untraceable rest, and, for MichaëlThe collection(quest) is going to begin, finishing in a shanty of Bangkok,


Around a gun,


And an unchained(given rise to) assistance(audience) betting on the winners(conquerors) of part(party) of Russian roulette, still she(it)!


Michael Try to convince his friend Nick Not to go there, even going as far as participating in it


But nothing will make for it...NickDestroyed(Annulled) psychically by the war, will not be more than a lobotomisé robot,


Who will owe inevitably dead!


Paroxystic moment of the movie, this duel with the castor(roulette) between both friends, the one lending itself in mortal game(set,play), to try to save the other one, in vain!

Return in Pensylvannie, in a Greek Orthodox Church,


For the funeral of Nick, tragic scene(stage) answering the happiness shared of the beginning. Funeral(dismal) meal gathering(combining) all the friends,


The last one trinquage in honour of Nick


And the veil falls on men's history(men's story,people history,people story)!

Movie taken(brought) out in 1979, almost at the same moment as Apocalyspe Now, of Francis Ford CoppolaThis opus distinguishes itself from equivalent prestigious sound, outdone(subsidized) in Cannes, by its intimism singular, cutting with the wagnerian lyric of the first one! Movie about the effects of the war, destroying(annulling) a small Russian community in Pensylvannie, The Deer Hunter is not at all a warlike action movie, but an evocation bittersweet on the discreet implosion of a group of friends, subjected to the horrors of the Vietnamese conflict, which goes crescendo, of the festive marriage of the beginning, to the touched funeral of the end. In majestic mountain landscapes of America, will answer this Russian roulette, allegory of the war and the vital lead of the movie, too present and repetitive to my taste, Cimino Sinking into the a little bit heavy hyperbola, which did not take place to be.

The scene(stage) of the beginning is a little bit a bit long, not to say endless, occupying near the third(third party) of the movie, which has the merit to anchor the history(story) in a human community, but which fills a little the history(story) by its monotomne slowness!

Nevertheless the movie remains a success, even if it a little aged, with its tempo pianissimo which can serve as good sleeping drug!

The evocation of this labor city with this Russian community is moving, in the happiness as in the misfortune, and the final scene(stage), where all the friends meet around a table, honoring the memory of NickIllustrate the deaf solidarity which connects(binds) these men(people) and these women, which will not be allowed bring(shoot) down by the tragic disappearance of one of theirs!








He(It) gets free, even today, a profound nostalgia, of The deer hunter, evocation of a lost paradise destroys(annuls) by the war, under the music of Stanley Myers.

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 2 28 /06 / June /2011 06:17

sand pebbles wise

The gunboat of the Yangtze Of Robert Wise Big historic fresco being situated in 1926, in China, tells the shock of civilizations between the West and Middle Kingdom, in the grip of a civil war between nationaiistes and communists.

It is in this frame(executive) that the soldier HolmanMechanic of his state,


Played by Steve McQueen, Arrive in the Chinese ant-hill, to embark on San Pablo, canonière American who crosses on the yellow river. He(it) crosses a duet of missionaries, Mr Jameson And the attractive Shirley EckertPrimary school teacher for the worse of adventure,


Which(Who) work in the evangelization and in the education of the Chinese people, the first one stigmatizing the western imperialism and the grasping appetite of the European nations in China.


During an inaugural meal where the striplings will get acquainted, will be formed the stake in the movie, between the history(story), the big, which will plunge China into a civil war and, girl, who will tell singular fates, in the Chinese storm.

Jack Holman A private is who has the prejudices of the Westerner on chinetoques In mission for several years in China, this mission on San Pablo which will be his(her) last one, is going to transform him(it) in the contact of the attractive primary school teacher.

But the duty calls him(it), and its new boat waits for him(it),


As well as the captain, played by Richard CrennaAnd his(her) second,


Embodying the military order on this skiff lost on the big yellow river. Frenchie//Richard AttenboroughWelcomes him(it) with heat.


In the Chinese storm to come, the captain Collins Maintains the American presence on the Yangtze,


Protecting the American nationals with his(her) sailors.


On San Pablo, in the heart of the boat, Jack Po-Han is going to get on with a Chinese coolie,


Of whom(which) he will make his assistant, in spite of the hesitations of the crew(equipage).

While Shirley Part in a lost, said mission Light quibbles, in the mountain,


Leaving the soldier Holman In his(her,its) machines,


The life of "garrison", to Changsa, resumes(takes back) its rights, between "salute to the colors" and visit to the mess(brothel)!

The Mess(Brothel), the release for sailors in foreign earth(ground), which(who) come to drink heavily and to fornicate to furnish the boredom, Wart where settles all the ambiguity between colonizers and colonized, because it is here where is made the learning(apprenticeship) of the miserable condition of the Chinese! It is in this den of iniquity that Frenchy Be going to meet Maily


Attractive hostess desired by this saoûlard of StawskiPlayed by Simon OaklandAnd who(which) the safety(salute) will depend on a fight enter the big boor,


And the small coolie,


Supported by Holman !

Victoire of David Against Goliath


Which(Who) will save Maily Legs of the Bittern, in the biggest happiness of Frenchy !


Holman Find, the time(weather) of a return travel towards Changsa, Shirle/Candice BergenTwo dramas are going to deceive. That of Po-Han, faithful coolie, but face(figure) of the traitor, for his people, tortured by the plebs in fury,


And that Jack Will free(release) from a well placed ball(bullet)...


Terrible moment for the sailor,


That the condolence of cannot console Shirley.


But the historic reason has only to make love stories... It is what are going to learn, Frenchy And MailyMarried in secret,


But also Jack And Shirley


Which(Who) go, the time(weather) of a pious hope, forget the misfortunes of the war.


Because the thunderstorm scolds(mutters), Shirley Leaves(Restarts) in his(her,its) mission and San Pablo is besieged by the Chinese nationalists. The captain Collins


Holds so-so his(her) men(people). But Frenchy Do not support(bear) any more the estrangement of MailyAnd, a night, is going to join his(her) betrothed,


But he(it) will not survive the exhaustion and the cold, taken on an icy night.


Maily Will follow him(it) a bit further, killed by his(her) fellow countrymen eager for vengeance!

Besieged by Chinese who want the skin ofHolmanThe captain Collins Stands firm,


In spite of the mutiny which watches,


And the men(people) who refuse to obey!


But war chief does not give in under the pressure, that that is in front of Chinese or in front of his(her) troop!


Close to the suicide, after this humiliation,


The captain will waste away in an ultimate mission... Fetch the missionaries of Light of China, to protect them from massacres, aiming at the Westerners, who began!


After weeks of idleness which mined(undermined) the nerves(gristle) of the crew(equipage), the standard(cannon) is going to thunder,


And rifles are going to spit.


The fight finishing in a furious hand-to-hand fight, Jack Trucidant Cho-JenYoung nationalist officer met a little bit earlier, with the missionaries!



Short-term Victoire, because at night, in the mission,


Mr JamesonFurious against the arrogance of the soldiers, not understanding(including) that the time(weather) of the Westerners, they were missionaries, is ended,


Chinese, as well as the captain is going to be killed by soldiery Collins.


Holman Decide then to cover the flight(leak) of both soldiers who will return Shirley In the boat.


Only against the pack,



The soldier McQueen Be going to succumb under the number,


Sacrificing for saving his(her) betrothed,


Which(Who), saved, navigates towards Changsa.


Big historic fresco in her(it) David LeanMixing(Involving) big and the short history, this gunboat tells the metamorphosis(slough) of an American soldier, who, full of certainties on the superiority of the western civilization, taken by the whirlwind of the war, will join the idealistic humanism of one Jameson Under the influence of ShirleySoft primary school teacher come here to educate the youth quibbles. But the missionary will not understand, either, that China is not soluble in the western progressive messianism, and that the wars for independence have only to make willingnessesThey were désintéréssées! After a century of humiliation, the hour of the revenge rang for the Chinese people, taking the men(people) and their ideas, in a whirlwind of unlimited violence.

Steve McQueen Simple mechanic getting lost in the glance of ShirleyAllegory disillusioned by the end of the western presence in China will be transformed like a hero tragic, sacrificing for saving its beautiful, in an announced death.

Let us finish with the sad melody of Jerry Goldsmith ...

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama - Community: local cinema
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Thursday, March 24th, 2011 4 24 /03 / March /2011 05:44


He(It) has movies about which we always heard and that we have never seen and Citizen Kane Is a member(part) of it. I always heard that he(it) was the " better movie of the history(story) of the cinema ", as if a work could be weighed in the alder(ell) of the film excellence, his(its) gasoline(essence) was engraved(burnt) for ever in the marble!

It is true that the movie of Welles Is in the firmament, in classifications, and is for 30 excellent years 1 of him(her,it)American Film InstituteKind(Genre) of interesting but very subjective, very fashionable classification in our time(period), But whom(which) it is necessary to distrust! On the most complete site on the cinema and the most frequented in the moknde, Imdb, the best noted movie stays The EscapeesOf Frank DarabontWith Morgan Freeman And Tim RobbinsAnd, without missing respect in DarabontI do not think that his(her,its) prison opus is the best movie of the history(story) of the cinema and I knew better movie about the universe of the prison!

This last example illustrates well the fragility of the human judgment(sentence), when it is about art and on the split(cleavage) between film critics and choice of the public, the antagonism which we are going to find with Citizen Kane, praised by the criticism, avoided by the public, because Welles Will lose 150 000 $ on this movie, considerable sum(nap) in 1941!

Amazed by his(her,its) Thirst of the Evil, I thus got ready for a visual shock by mirroring the Citizen Kane ... And, regrettably, in spite of the visual exploit and the originality of the scenario, I was left unsatisfied(still felt hungry)! In fact, I entered never really the movie, or the property of Kane


Mythical and mysterious Xanadu,


Isolated fortress, on its rocky headland, which called back to(reminded) me the disturbing castles of the fantasy movies of Universal, Dracula and Frankestein, wink of Welles In the creativity of this cinema there!

Immensely rich press baron, Charles Foster Kane The noun " Rosebud " is dying, being the last whispered word, enclosing a well filled(performed) life! Freudian childish sexual term, at the middle, the middle, which can send back(dismiss) to some sweet sweetnesses or to a very intimate part(party) of the feminine anatomy, Rosebud will be the vital lead of the history(story), semantic Graal whom will look for the knights of the journalistic investigation!


The death of this fantastically wealthy tycoon is then going to propagate in the world, hitting the headlines in all the countries,


An opportunity to return on the incredible life of this Titan of the print and radio media,


From whom(which) the childhood was stolen!


Citizen KaneYoung person of private means billionaire, is then going to dash in the assault of Inquirer, daily newspaper, to chase away the turpitude of the powerful and defend(forbid) the rights of the oppressed,


Robin Hood of paper who will discourage his councillors(advisers)! Built in knocks of numerous flashback, mixing(involving) scenes(stages) of the life of Kane


Testimonies of close relations, and work of the investigators,


The movie can boast about a double modernity:

- Narrative modernity, With the construction of all these set narratives, which has of to cut with the academicism of time(period), and which we could compare with the grammatical revolution of the New Wave, at the beginning of the 60s, which has of to seduce the critic and to embarrass the general public!

- Visual modernity, with these games(sets) of shadows and lights, very Caravaggio-like, these high angle shots(dives) and low-angle shots,


Which(Who) will make the trademark of Welles And which have of to amaze the critic of the 40s, been used to the American plan, than in these vertiginous shots which would not have deny Véronèse !

Visually, the movie is innovative, Inventing a new film grammar which will be the breviary of Welles


Narrativement eccentric, the history(story) takes the spectator in a whirlwind of different narratives, between the biography and the documentary, the exercise intellectually requiring(demanding) which has of to delight the New York critic!

But then why am I not entered the movie? Because this work looks like a mathematical equation, finely chiselled, a merciless logic, but in which the emotion is missing... There is a coolness to Welles Which(Who) has an equal only the Cartesian rigor with which he thinks of his movies! If Citizen Kane was able to impress, by its novelty, the public warned of time(period), rightly, 70 years later, this smell of radical modernity disappeared, leaving the history(story) to naked, in its baroque drought!

no trepassing

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 3 16 /02 / Fév /2011 07:15


It is in 1961 when John HustonBehind the camera, and Arthur HillerHusband of MarylinIn the writing, turn(shoot) "The Misfits", Deranged personsIntimist variation on reports(connections) man-woman. The action(share) takes place in RenoIn the Nevada, quoted from the game(set,play) relegated to the shade(shadow) by its majesty Las Vegas, where certain Guido, Eli WallachOf the Jack Reno Garage,


Cross(Spend) his(her,its) day to repair Jew's harps,


Of whom(which) that of Rosalyn / Marylin !


Mechanic and the bimbo are going to meet, accidentally(by chance), in Harrahs Club,


Where Rosalyn And her friend, IsabelleCome to sip a whiskey, to forget the divorce of the first one(night)!


It is the dog "corporal" who awakens then his attention,


Toutou of certain defy Gay LanglandFriend of the mechanic Guido ! And we meet,


And that we get acquainted with Corporal,


And Gay/Clark Gable


Old cowboy who spends time skimming the counters of Reno to flood his(her,its) lost youth! The merry band(strip) takes advantage of it to make a small tour(ballot) in the country house of GuidoWhere the alcohol flows like water,


And faces start smiling,


Between the laughter and the bourbon,


And one Rosalyn Which(Who) instigates the desire of both men(people)!


And in this small game(set,play), it is the old cowboy, Clark GableReturning one Marylin Exhausted and sleepy,



Which(Who) is going to seduce the beautiful divorcee,


Reveillée by these eyes like coals!

Meeting of two remains, between a lost woman and an old man, by the alcohol, tired, which are going to live in a shack of the neighborhood of Reno,


With one Marylin Which(Who) finds finally a little of cheerfulness,


Together with Gay,


In a moment of eternity!

The merry troop meets for a Rodeo, where has to concourrir certain PierrePlayed by Montgomery Clift


Between the badass and the man child, who still has to, for a long time, phone to his(her) mom...


Under the fond glance of Rosalyn !


The new quintet, improvised, goes round big dukes, between stupid(weak) bets,


Spontaneous confidences,


Alcolisée child,


(Dennis Shaw Play the child)

And one Gay Drunk, staggering and collapsing in an ethylic sigh!


The lost and low(weak) cowboy in the city(estate), becomes again a lion, in its desert,


Spotless nature which the modern world made him(her) leave, to dissolve in the noxious atmosphere of natural harbours comment pubescent!

The hunting in Mustangs, volà which restores him(her) colors,


With one Guido Airman,


Which(Who) her(it) takes place tout!


But Here we are, among these cowboy,


Embodying the deceased the wild West, Rosalyn / Marylin This hunting to wild horses would be give wages, and,


Look to him(her) only of the rabies(fury)!


How these men(people) been in love freedom, could, has vec their lasso,


To deny her(it)?


The fragile Monty Will know, in succession, that the capture of Mustangs intended for a sure death,


Could only destroy(annul) Marylin The urban, which, hysteric, is going to call to 3 men(people),


And treat(handle) them with nasty chaps!


In front of this spotless anger against the violence of the men(people),MontyWill give up the first one,


Then GayCowboy hurt in his virility, which will lay down arms, after the barroud last one of honor, to his(her) lady-love.


Between mustangs and Marylin Clark Will choose to leave the wild world for, définitement, to return its weapons to the civilization!


The Misfits stages two worlds which collide, that of the civilization and the savagery, embodied, respectively, by Marylin And Clark Gable. Rosalyn Represent the divorced woman, the symbol of the new reports(connections) of company(society), in search of a new virility, a woman lost in this new sociability, while GayOld tired cowboy, looks himself for an identity in this New World which he wished by no means!

Lion in the desert, with this solar nature, wreck in the city(estate), in these noxious bars, Gay Symbolize a world which is dying, that western wild, cowboys and mustangs, which transforms the noble riders into future dropouts, in a politeness which marginalizes them, and a laborious modernity which in fact that light men!

It is the swan song of old woman company(society), made by honor and by value, by given words and by challenges irrational, far from the rules of the god "money"("silver"), where the greed is a queen!

But beyond this modern tragedy, told with sobriety by the alcoholic John HustonThe deranged persons, without knowing their full will, stages the purposes of route(course) of Marylin Monroe And of Clark GableOf the tortured blonde(lager) and one Rhett Butler About whom(which) all the women dreamed, symbol of a cinema by the big studios checked(controlled), and which are going to disappear, just after the movie.

Clark Gable The shooting will die from a just heart attack at the end, MarylinAgony of antidepressant, will go out, solitary person, in an abandoned(given up) bed. The fragile Montgomery Clift Will follow them by few in the grave making of this movie a kind of premonitory work, unconscious wills illustrating the short-lived condition of the men(people)...

Even stars die...

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 7 02 /05 / May /2010 02:54


The last opus of the léonienne trilogy on America, begun 16 years earlier, with He(It) was once in the West, It was once in America fresco on contemporary America, plunges us into the district of Brooklyn, at the beginning of the last century, telling the friendship of children's band(strip), which(who) make 400 knocks on the edges of Hudson!


Narrative in abyss because it is an old man, in the evening of his existence, who returns in the district of its childhood, lost in its memories(souvenirs), seeing again(revising), as if it was yesterday,


The attractive Deborah to make her ranges,


By the small attic window looking onto the storeroom.


Adolescent glances, which cross themselves,


Looking forward to a loving promise, in this popular district of New York.

There is always to Leone This intensity of the glances, the azure ofHenry FondaIn the distant West, with the eyes of Cockeye,


Urchin of the Lower East Side who will be struck by a stray bullet.

The old man Noodles Sees again(Revises) to disentangle its life, the time(weather) of a capuccino, this prodigious ascent, with Max


Neighbor of street, accomplice and friend, with whom he(it) will surf on the Prohibition, amassing some cashdesks.


Exceptional trajectory, filthy streets of the slums New Yorker in luxury brothels, dusty edges of Hudson in beaches(ranges) white with Coney Island!


Social success but personal wandering, material abundance, but emotional desert, ambition of MaxSearch(Research) for the happiness, to NoodlesThe fate of both friends could only diverge! Of Niro Will try to get lost in the glance of Deborah


Swirling on a dance floor,


Éperduement hung on(collided) on an uncertain loving horizon, a promise of an improbable happiness... And then the disappearance of MaxOf the unfaithful friend, the partner who betrays,


Who will sacrifice his(her) companions(journeymen) on the altar of its ambitions, not hesitating to sacrifice that he loved for reasons careerists, theme of the treason which haunts the léonien universe, already approached in It was once the Revolution, the vision of the désanchanté and nihilistic, terrible man Prométhée always corrupted by the ambition and the money(silver)! But the past, to LeoneThe escaped(fleeting) fragrance is not which gets lost in the perfumed furrow(groove) of an attractive woman the memory to Italian, remains omnipresent, under the shape of the vengeance of the Man in the harmonica, in the Wild West or under the pleading face of the Irish friend which betrayed, in the Revolution, tyranny of the past which haunts the léoniens characters. Of this henceforth forgotten youth, the old man Noodles is going to rediscover the painful outlines,


Because besides having stolen from him(her) his(her) history(story), Max He will have stolen his betrothed, henceforth old actress on the decline. Of this youth friendship, there will be almost nothing, except remorse of a man in the evening of the life, eaten away by the ambition and henceforth regretting, paying the faults the time(weather) of a sad evening.


Désanchantée vision of the human nature, the léonien will will get lost in an opium den,


Where one Noodles In the prime of life releases itself from his(her,its) sad human condition by escaping in the artificial paradises,


The time(weather) of a smile...


Transcent by sound and melancholic soundtrack ofEnnio Morricone!

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama
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