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French whodunit

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 7 02 /10 / Oct /2011 05:43


Before becoming the official director ofAlain Delon Of whom(which) the magnificent Swimming pool, then of Belmondo Jacques Deray Had begun in the spy thriller very "Cold war". After du Rififi in Tokyo, with Karl-Heinz Böhm François-Joseph Of SissiAnd in 1966, he tells us double agent's history(story) in Vienna. The interest of this opus, likes especially its casting which gathers(combines) some some of the best lower jaws of the French cinema of time(period). Lino VenturaVery sober,


Comes in the Austrian capital to test one of his(her) agents, played by Jean BouiseAtypical comedian by his physical appearance, that Besson Will dedicate last time in its Big Blue.


Margery, say " the lame ", thus lead curious one saraband That Lino Try to decipher. Mysterious, even by the telephone,



The lame shows itself viscous as an eel!


A business lawyer, played by Jean ServaisThat of Riffifi at men(people), of DassinOf whom(which) Deray The assistant was,


Cheek also a very curious game(set,play) and is in touch with certain ChalieffInterpreted by Wolfgang PreissGerman of service, chess player in his spare time,


And which(who) exercises a certain pressure on Bouise The boîteux,


By holding(detaining) his(her,its) regular!


You follow? The lawyer(avocado) Served This nice is then going to deceive LinoBy feigning a death,


Ventura Loses his(her) Latin there... This cane belongs in Margery


Or in the lawyer(avocado) Weigelt ?


Put in a whirl by all this tumult, Lino Takes a stroke and is going to nose about towards(as for) the shanty of the so-called lawyer(avocado) occis, where it masters a threadlike butler.


He(It) discovers while Served/Weigelt Is always very alive,


Admitting that he(it) tried to deceive him(it), on order of Chalieff ...


The bad glance of Weigelt Pierce our voucher Lino !

The affair(business) finishes in an airport, where a customs officer, played by Reinhard KolldehoffIn the physical appearance of wrestler, double ofAdolfo Celi


Measure our secret agent, who, being passed for MargeryA suitcase of talbins by a Chinese is put back(handed)...


Then after some bastos sent to annul the "yellow peril", Lino Goes away, with Marilu ToloTowards an uncertain horizon...



You will have understood that if this movie remained anonymous, it is that it does not shine with its excellence. With a tempo pianissimo, which looks like in of MelvilleWithout the talent of the last one, we tend to dip(to nod off) by listening to the endless dialogues which hum slowly... This opus of espionage chatterbox, anti-James Bond par excellence and very John Le CarréPeach(Fishing) by its lack of energy and its over-subtle scenario, nevertheless written by José Giovanni !

But there is a pleiad of excellent actors, that we have pleasure to find, that DerayAs TitienPortraitisent with talent and the jazzy BO of Michel Magne !

By Tietie007 - Published in: French Whodunit - Community: local cinema
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Sunday, November 29th, 2009 7 29 /11 / Nov /2009 14:47

René Clément A singular director in the French film landscape was. Born in 1913, he(it) began to work with Jacques TatiPre-war year, but it is with The Battle of the Rail, in 1946, documentary work which told the action(share) of the railroad employees in the Resistance, outdone(subsidized) in Cannes with the Price(Prize) of the Jury and the Price(Prize) of the best director (The Golden Palm was attributed(awarded) only from 1955), that he(it) obtained the consecration. The film-maker thus arises from a post-war generation and begins his film career with a kind(genre) little appreciated in the time(period), influenced by the Italian neorealism, the movie-documentary.

He(It) will pass, the same year, of the cock in the donkey, because he will also be the assistant-director of CocteauOn the Beautiful and the Animal, the fantastico-dreamlike movie to the antipodes of the realistic style which will illustrate the eclecticism of René ClémentAs will demonstrate him(it) the career(quarry).

The world conflict will mark the film-maker, because besides The battle of the Rail, The quiet Father, in 1946, The Cursed, in 1947, Games(Sets) Forbidden in 1952, in The daytime and the hour in 1963 and of course, does Paris burn? Will have for frame(executive) the Second World War, the historic prickle which will mark strongly his(her,its) filmography.

Office(Durability) of the war, the fascination for the American whodunit. Clément Slice(Edge) with the narrative theme of his(her,its) time(period) by adapting its scenarios of American authors. Patricia Highstmith For Full Sun, Charles William For big cats or still David Goodis For The running(race) of the hare through fields, with the regretted Robert Ryan.

As Melville René Clément Draw his(her,its) source of inspiration across the Atlantic.
Big cats rest at first reunion enters Clément And Delon

Winning duet of Full Sun, 4 years previously, movie which had made of the second a star. Since, the French actor rose to the firmament of the 7eme art by turning(shooting) with Visconti ( Rocco and The cheetah), Antonioni ( The Eclipse) or very successful underground Melody ofHenri VerneuilWith Jean Gabin. Delon European star, aspires to an American career(quarry), where from his(her,its) interest for the project clémentien, because he(it) will find Jane Fonda, the young first one(night) of the American cinema,

And Lola AlbrightVery present attractive person in her forties on the television across the Atlantic.

Clément Do not forget to appeal in Lalo SchifrinBig composer of theme music and in Henri DecaëBig French chief cameraman who will often work with MelvilleIn particular on The Samurai. As for Melville Clément Takes a particular, almost obsessive care, on the quality of the photo and the decorations(sets), which are an integral part of the story itself, what will cut with the practices of the New Wave.

Big cats it is the history(story) of MarcFrench gigolo who had the disadvantage(made the mistake) of seducing the woman of a fortunate American, who sends some killers to settle(adjust) the account of the handsome hunk. Some North American cuffs,

The torture of the bathtub,

And a young travels towards a corner(place) isolated in a beautiful American,

And the young man(juvenile lead) manages to avoid(flee) the killers in suit, releasing(leaving) his(her) prosecutors in the Nice countryside, saved by a priest,

Then by a fantastically wealthy American, BarbaraWhich(Who) employs handsome boy, as driver(chauffeur).

Attractive person in her forties, Barbara Lives with his(her) niece, Melinda //Jane Fonda In a magnificent villa on French Riviera.
Very fast, and little as in Full Sun, a closed door for three is going to deepen the tensions, both women meeting rival to seduce the young man(juvenile lead).

Safe(Sure) of his(her,its) power of seduction, Marc, Flirty driver(chauffeur) Be going to play with both women,

As a player of poker!

In this merciless competition, between two women, the one blackberry, the other, very young,

It is the most experimented who(which) is going to take away(to gain) the piece. One young glass of whiskey,

A pleasant glance, eyes in eyes,

And Barbara who takes the initiative and hastens things,

Packing with a disconcerting ease the young cock!

But Marc Did not understand(include) everything in the movie and revenge is a dish best savoured cold!

The interest of Big cats lives(lies), obviously, in this psychological closed door, with for frame(executive) a magnificent residence, decorated carefully, where contemporary paintings(boards) answer primitive masks, which denote the interest of Clément For primitive arts and modern paint(painting). By certain sides, we can feel a hitchcockienne reference, in this Freudian and sensual thriller, even if the French film-maker distinguishes himself from American-British master(teacher) by a more sophisticated image and a less demonstrative style. The elegance of the realization, with graduated plans, underlines the rare control(master's degree) of the French director, heightened by the magnificent black and the white ofHenri Decaë And the jazz inspired of Lalo! For imdb,
Big cats The best thriller of is certainly ClémentSurpassing even the solar energy Full Sun, and I am not far from thinking of the same thing(matter).

By Tietie007 - Published in: French Whodunit
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Friday, October 9th, 2009 5 09 /10 / Oct /2009 08:21

There are movies which you like, against all odds, in spite of the mediocre opinion(notice) of the criticism and the sulkiness of the public. It Break-in(Breakage) OfHenri VerneuilRemake of BurglarTurned(Shot) by Paul WendkosIn 1957, adaptation of a novel of David Goodis ( The burglar), is going to form himself around the duel between Azad, burglar of high flight(theft), interpreted by Jean-Paul BelmondoAnd a cop, Abel Zacharia, played by Omar Sharif.

Police confrontation, affontement staff, between a "hooligan" rather honest and a very unreliable cop!
Whodunit which distinguishes itself by its casting 4 stars, with one Robert Hossein Hardly taken(brought) out of "angéliqueries",

And one Renato Salvatori Which(Who), for once, makes infidelities to his friend Delon !

The presence of Nicole Calfan And of Dyan CannonIn American star(speedboat), give a small Hollywood key(touch) to this French-Italian production.
The quasi--psychopathie of police captain(commissioner) Zacharia,

Will make collateral victims,

But bébellienne will collide with the quiet strength,

Always so quick, in the steering wheel of one red car,

And so captivating, in front of the blonde(lager) Dyan Cannon !

On stabbing music ofEnnio MorriconeThe duel will be resolved in a silo with wheat, one of the purple passages of the movie!

A break-in which I thus advise(recommend) you to rediscover, even if Fiat de Bebel is less sexy than Mustang of SteeveIn Bullitt!!

By Tietie007 - Published in: French Whodunit
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