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Macabre film

Sunday, November 20th, 2011 7 20 /11 / Nov /2011 05:06


Roger CormanSpecialist of the fast movie with low budgets Often telling exotic stories(trouble) as this " Attack of the huge crabs " Dashes, with Machine-gun Kelly, into the macabre film. Inspired by the life of George KellyGangster raging during the big depression Corman stages a villainous couple, well before Bonnie and Clyde ofArthur Penn Charles BronsonIn the role of Machine Gun Kelly and Susan CabotThe vamp of service, the regular customer of the productions Corman.


George and Flo train(form) a criminal duet which measures the Police,


And search(research) to make a big blow. George Appears as a badass, with the engraved face,


And his(her,its) machine-gun!


IL imposes it to his(her) gangsters' band(strip), of which Harry


A psychopathic manager who loves the pumas!


The band(strip) of loufiats imagines an attack of armored van, but at the last moment, Bronson Made overturn(collapse) the affair(business), because of a hearse and of a coffin who frightened him(her,it)! Because in this poisonous couple, appearances are misleading, and the virile GeorgeWho is afraid of deaths, is under the cup(cutting) of Susan CabotReal leader of the group.


The attacks of bank being too dangerous, the band(strip) filters in on the kidnapping of a child,


Put in confidence(trust) by the presence of a woman,


And by the visible kindness of George.


The kidnapping was made a success, the history(story) is transformed into closed door, real Calvary for BronsonWhich(Who) is humbled by one Susan Castrating and his(her) hired man!


The poor man George Will have only its phallus of steel, its machine-gun, to be respected!


Pursued by FloWhich(Who) puts him(it) more low that be in hiding,


Measured by Apple,


George "Machine Gun" Kelly Seems naked, without his(her,its) tool of preference, aboulique and totally enslaved(overcome) in the will of his wife!


We forget fast the girl and her children's nurse,


To appitoyer on the sad fate(spell) of GeorgeHumbled by his wife,


And his(her) mother-in-law!


Spotted(Located) by the Police, George Will even have no courage to defend(forbid) itself,


Leaving to the others the care of sniping at the cops,


And laying down arms without fighting(disputing)!


Preferring, ultimately the justice of the men(people) in that of his wife!


Singular movie that Hatch Gun KellyWhich is in no way an action movie how announces it with brass band the poster, but a psychological, very Freudian closed door, which stages a cowardly gangster, under the cup(cutting) of his(her,its) feminine castrating! Here, the machine-gun plays obviously a phallic role, a virile appendix for this poor man George Which(Who) has only that to assert its virility in front of one Susan Cabot In the poisonous charm. Movie enough mysogine, because presenting the woman as predatory one manipulator, Corman A score to settle with her mother had maybe! Curiously it is with this coward's role that Bronson Will be dedicated,


He, who will collect afterward, the roles of "badass" and upholder of the law! It is surprising on the other hand that Susan CabotHaughtiness in " not tamed shrew ", had no career(quarry) in the measure of its talent.


Because more than BronsonIt is her(it) who(which) bursts the screen and who(which) gives to this cormanien opus it " I do not know what " of devilish and it " almost nothing " of eroticism on the jazzy music of Gerald Fried. But the young actress, will abandon(give up) the cinema next year and will die tragically, murdered, in 1986.

A special mention(distinction), also, in Frank De KovaThe hired man in the dented trogne which accommodated in its gas station, a puma...

As for Charles "Machine Gun" Bronson


This movie will throw(launch) its career(quarry), and it will move on, the same year, with 7 Mercenaries of certain John Sturges !

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Thursday, March 17th, 2011 4 17 /03 / March /2011 05:09

poule titre

In 1963, Julien DuvivierIn 67 years, turn(shoot) his(her,its) last but one movie, GoosefleshA macabre film, an adaptation of a novel of James Hadley ChaseWith dialogues of René Barjavel.


DuvivierEspecially known for its pre-war works, as The Beautiful Team, Will Bandage her(it) or Grandpa le Moko, in whom(which) the talent of one Gabin "Young person", will spread(display,deploy), lays us a small jewel of macabre film which will remain forgotten by the cinema enthusiasts, New Wave obliges!

In Paris, Daniel And PaulPlayed by Robert Hossein And Jean SorelWho was, by his beauty, a competitor ofAlain Delon


Are going to be made the safe(chest) of a billionaire,


But the affair(business) turns out badly, the middle-class person comes down,


And Daniel Is pinned by a well placed ball(bullet), being lying in front of tired Heir apparent!


The anxiety is for its height, and Paul, who has occis the billionaire, makes by his doubts in his(her,its) friendly blonde(lager),


Simone, played by the regretted Nicole Berger4-year-old dead woman later, in 32 years, in a road accident. 20-year-old condemned person, Daniel manages to escape,


And takes refuge with the Nice countryside, near the municipality of Bouyon. In the majestic landscapes of the Alpes-Maritimes, the hooligan is going to cross Thomas's road, good guy of storekeeper, played by Georges Wilson.


Thomas holds the Relay of the Collar(Pass), a gas station "Avia" Which(who) makes restoring,


Where he(it) makes well " drink and eat ".


But the "treasure" of this old man Thomas, it is not its gas station, but his(her) young woman, Maria, played by Catherine RouvelSulphurous panther, who is not afraid of men(people)!


Daniel is intrigued by the presence of this "bomb"("spray"), in this back of beyond,


Woman of a plump storekeeper, whose glance lets drill not very catholic intentions...


Especially that at night, the beautiful leash its opened window,


To attract(entice) the customer(barge)...


Daniel is under the charm, magnetized by the pleasant approach(initiative) of the young woman,


Which(Who) strikes poses studied to electrify the driller of safe(chest)!


Daniel becomes the employee of Thomas, holding the counter,


Between the cognac Bisqouit and the Cinzano, and taking care of the brother-in-law, this lustful old man of Lucien Raimbourg


Which(Who) comes to rummage when the owners are absent and which(who) is hardly intrigued by the presence of this employee!Beautiful Maria, by peeling potatoes, fall on a rest of illuminating Newspaper, which speaks of the " driller of safe(chest) " escaped, and, Machiavellian, is going to propose a market to the hooligan:

The contents of Thomas's safe(chest), symbol of freedom against its silence!

Daniel hesitates, frightened by the cynicism of the young woman and incapable to betray a man who helped him(it), and with whom he shares a healthy friendship.


But during a rainy night, while the storekeeper tears away(extracts) for a city meeting(appointment),


Daniel, under Maria's pressure, cracks(fails), and goes away to take care of the safe(chest),


With the golden hands,


Watched by the tigress!


But the storekeeper returns in a inconvenient way, because of a fallen, uncovering the mystery tree,


In front of one Hossein Humbled!


Daniel gives the game away, and accuses the young wife of having urged him(it) to open the safe(chest), the sub-punishment(sub-effort) of a small tour(ballot) in the gendarmerie! But Maria is allowed count, exhausted by her monotonous life, she is ready for everything to seize the saving and to show a clean pair of heels!


But Here we are, Thomas rebels and his wife commits the irreparable, by killing the storekeeper, straightaway presto buried in the garage, knotting(tying) between both protagonists a macabre pact!


But Maria has an unstoppable asset(trump card), her seduction, to which Daniel is not going to delay succumbing,


An evening of too much marked solitude,


Putting in his(its) pocket this " driller of safe(chest) " suspicious!


Because the disappearance of Thomas attracts(entices) the curious, of which this farmer of brother-in-law,


Which(Who) feels(smells) a little the carry-on,


And which(who) is saved only by this priest of Jean Lefebvre,


Protecting the old man of Daniel's ire!


But a new reappears, the handsome hunk PaulComrade-in-arms of Daniel,


Which(Who) is going to catch the eye in succession of the beautiful,


A love at first sight(lightning stroke),




While both young people are going to court the village near-by,


Embracing as young men(juvenile leads),


Daniel //Robert Hossein Made in front of two degenerate farmers,


By a possible attracted hidden saving!


But the toothless vioque is allowed extend beyond(overflow),


And in the end(final), Daniel will get out of it simply hurt!


Two new lovers take advantage of the situation and Paul takes care of the safe,


Removing the saving and eliminating the avenue ( é ) ide Maria!


Between hooligan, no present, and it is the beautiful Paulo who will run away with the saving not for a long time, because pursued by the Police, and turning back, he will come to impale himself on petrol pumps, on hilarious glance of one DanielSaved from some waters!


This stifling door-clôs, in the Nice countryside, costs at first by its casting, with one Georges Wilson In good(well) trading, accompanied by his(her) young woman, Catherine RouvelA bitchy girl in the poisonous charm. There is to Duvivier A vision of the woman-she-devil, dévoreuse of men(people) and interested, which reaches(affects) its point culiminant in this movie, which calls back(reminds) The factor(mailman) always rings twice. Supporting roles are not forgotten, with one Lucien Raimbourg Which(Who) pulls with happiness a decerebrate farmer contrary to a Jean Sorel, irradiant of beauty, a competitor forgotten ofAlain Delon. SorelIn the 60s will turn(shoot) with the biggest, Visconti BunuelAnd will get lost in the Italian cinema of B-movie, not to say more, turning(shooting) nanards with down-market master(teacher) of the horror, Lucio Fulci !

All the salt of the history(story) turns(shoots) around MariaWild seducer, playing her charms to treat(manipulate) the men(people), lying to the one, sleeping with the other one, to arrive at its own purposes. There is to Hadley Chase And DuvivierThe pondering over a cynical world, wasted(destroyed) by the money(silver), where even the men(people) who have of the honor finish bribed, Pascal corrupting the love and the friendship, on the altar of the greed!

This extremely black movie, adaptation gallicized by an American novel, remained curiously forgotten by the cinema enthusiasts, certainly because DuvivierSymbolizing this cinema of "French-style" quality, that aborraient the "talibans" of the New Wave, was dedicated to gémonies!

Now, by the mastery of its realization, the quality of the interpreters and the intensity of the story, Gooseflesh remains, for me, one of the best macabre film of the 60s, to rediscover urgently!

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: local cinema
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Saturday, February 5th, 2011 6 05 /02 / Fév /2011 08:10


In 1953, having crossed the screen in a Streetcar named desire, ofElia KazanIn 1951, the young person Marlon Brando


Actor Studio's pure product, which dusts the conventional way of playing, turns(shoots) in The wild Outing, realized by a dark stranger, Laszlo Benedek.

A troop of motorcyclists, with their black jackets and their cowboy boots, managed by certain JohnnyComes down in a peaceful western city deep frightening the shopkeeper and intriguing the girls!

The contrast is striking enter this band(strip) of bad boys, drivé by Johnny/Marlon


In the enigmatic glance, and the laborious deep America, in which shines a well put girl, the attractive KathieSeveuse in Of Bleeker Cafe.


The narrative weft of the movie amounts in this image, an opposition between the motorcyclists and the inhabitants, on which will be transplanted the ambivalent relations enter Johnny " The bad guy " and Kathie " The good chorus girl "!

The long scene(stage) of the Bleeker Cafe, face to face at the dumb beginning enters Johnny And Kathie


A pure jewel of cinema is, where the director is going to reveal, in an assumed silence, all the palette of the marlonesques breaks,


Lascivious virility which fascinates, already, the young woman!


It is in this scene(stage) of the coffee(café) that we understand why, Brando Young person was a sex-symbol, a sexual icon for generations of women and men(people) of the 50s, whom will understand(include) by their followers, been too much used in Marlon Pachydermique of the years 70-80!

Bus Brando The virile sensualism, in this singular interview(confrontation) perspires(transpires),


In Of cafe Bleeker, between a well raised(brought up) girl and a motorcyclist hooligan in the poisonous charm!

brando cafe

Bus Johnny/MarlonIt is the quiet strength, the assumed and sometimes languishing nonchalance, but that far from the fragility of one James Dean Or of the ambivalence of one Monty Clift The embodiment of the manliness, running out in a prosaïque glassful of beer and a mesmerizing glance stays!


How want that the young person KathiePromised to a flat life in this godforsaken place, everything to the coffees(cafés),


Is not submerged by the sex appeal of the beautiful Johnny ?

But Here we are, and a new troop of motorcyclists, taken by the flea-ridden Chino/ Lee Marvin


Turns up, announcing of the mayhem between both rival bands(strips)!


Chino Challenge openly Johnny " Beautiful mouth ",


And the fight between both men(people) will be inevitable, dedicating the ascendancy of Johnny,


Adulated by the feminine gente!


But Here we are, Marlon Always returns in Of Bleeker, after his(her,its) skirmish, in search of a feminine glance, and not canine!


The alcohol flows like water,


And the shériff, Harry BleekerFather of KathieComes to negotiate with Johnny The departure of the motorcyclists,


But the young hooligan does not eat this bread there,


And he(it) is out of the question that he(it) hesitated with the house " poulaga ",


Giving the opportunity(occasion) to the director to glorify the break brandoienne, full of contempt for the proposition of the sheriff, which flew away in the volutes of the cigarillo of Johnny " Beautiful mouth "!

The couple of morning is then going to tear, the beautiful Kathie Not supporting(bearing) the disrespect of the young motorcyclist to his father,


Announcing a night shaken well!


But what owed arrived arrived in spite of the algarade of the Bleeker, Johnny " Beautiful mouth ", sleeping off its disappointment, is going to help of KathieTourmented by motorcyclists' band(strip), taking him(it) on its motorcycle for a long ride on country roads,


Leaving with the young couple of privileged moments,


Where the young woman, exhausted, is allowed rave,


To seduce the beautiful Johnny


And to make his(her) devoted admirer!


Hope of girl, dreaming about distant horizons, and about passionate loves which becomes hardly to this outlaw of Marlon !


But the night stirs, the inhabitants have it have a good laugh of these motorcyclists' drunk bands(strips), which sow(scatter) the disorder and the terror in their peaceful city(estate)! The crowd bursts out, gives to the lynching, while 'HarryThe policeman, is crushed by the situation,


Only against all, being afraid of more his(her,its) flock than of filled motorcyclists!


Admirable Robert Keith Which(Who) embodies the law, in front of disorder, recurring theme in the Hollywood universe, that that of the only man, in front of the resentful crowd, who threatens by his(her) fury, the morality which she(it) claims to defend(forbid)!

Johnny " Beautiful mouth " is in danger, pursued and captured by the unchained(given rise to) crowd,


Average fellows who are transformed into public prosecutors,


Wanting to sacrifice the one who brought the thunderstorm!


But Johnny Manages to escape the vindictive pack, and on his(her) Harley he(it) arrives,


To avoid(flee) this drift!

In the fury of the action(share), he(it) is nevertheless unbalanced by a missile, and falling, his(its) frame is going, regrettably, to collide and to kill a passer-by unchaining(giving rise to) even more the crowd, ready to lynch him(it), but stopped(arrested) in its fervent rabies(fury) by the arrival of the policemen of the County!

Stopped(Arrested) by the police, Johnny " Beautiful mouth " is threatened to be accused of murder,


Loaded(Charged) by the local notables,


Drunk with vengeance!

But Kathie Who saw all the scene(stage), knows very well that the death of the old man was only an accident, and that the young motorcyclist is for nothing what there that the sheriff will get along well!


Johnny Freed(Released), but obliged to leave the city, is going last time to see his(her) evening betrothed, offering him(her) a trophy,


In a last dumb interview(confrontation),


Which(Who) will run out in a smile,


Final nail of the movie...


Poor lonesome cowboy!


If The Wild One will not mark the history(story) of the cinema by his(her) film qualities, he(it) will create the myth BrandoNew world sex-symbol the 50s, the paradigm of the rebel in the devilish beauty, which will admit the actor to the legend of Hollywood, just before certain James DeanWhich(Who) will embody the sexual ambivalence by its androgynous fragility.

The wild outing offers especially the opportunity(occasion) in Benedek Of portraitiser, under all its sewings, the face of BrandoAs one Titien Modern times, photographing the breaks virilement lascivious of one Marlon Which(Who) explodes of casual sensualism who will dedicate him(it) as an eternal sex-symbol! One of the old guard, Cooper StewartAnd others, could go to get dressed again with their old-fashioned game(set,play)!

Before mirroring the trailer of The Wild OneYou make out a will on Marlon Brando By answering this QUIZ.

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: local cinema
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Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 3 08 /12 / December /2010 09:39

musician rumba siodmakcriss-cross-lancaster.JPG

Robert SiodmakGerman film-maker who avoided(fled) the Nazism, in 1933, to exile itself in Paris, had forked out the second exile, in the United States, with the lightning advance of the Wehrmacht in France, in May, 1940. Hired in Hollywood, Siodmak Be going to feel(to sound out) a little all the styles, of which a " Son({" Sons,{" Thread) of Dracula " with Lon Chaley Jr. In 1946, the German film-maker throws(launches) Burt LancasterIn The Killers, with Ava GardnerAnd both men(people) are thus going to meet for Kris Cross, " For you I killed ".

Variation on the passionate love, Siodmak Had the fine nose by hiring the sensual Yvonne de Carlo


And this young man(juvenile lead) of Burt Lancaster.


Bridegrooms then divorcees, Steve ThompsonPlayed by the virile BurtHas never forgotten Anna(Yvonne de Carlo) And, when he(it) returns to Los Angeles,


Welcomed by a dog,


He(It) is going, obviously, to re-cross this wave-like creature ofYvonne !


Dreamer as for his continual attraction for his(her,its) ex-woman,


Steve A meeting(appointment) with the beautiful in a musical bar is going to have, where both had their habits. Under the sound enjoueur of a rumba,

musician rumba siodmak

Steve Is as fascinated by the swayed hips of the beautiful Anna


Which(Who) spins in the hands of a stranger, which(who) will be famous afterward, the young person Tony Curtis !

de carlo curtis rumba

The glances cross themselves,


And the loving magic begins again.


But Here we are, Anna Is not alone any more since his(her,its) divorce, and is " remaquée " with certain Slim Dundee


Played by Dan DuryeaIn the white suit(costume) and in the black glance. Boss of the city, Slim Brood(Hatch) his(her,its) hen of the eyes of ChimèneBut the indomitable Anna Does not let impress by his(her,its) official chaperon, he(it) was "will" "curdle" her(it) put hair cream the corner(place)!


Nevertheless both rivals are going to distrust,


For the guarding(nurse) of the henhouse,


Under the inquisitive eye of cunning one police!


But the worm is in the fruit, and Steve Be going to be eaten away by a passion for AnnaVoracious, both lovers,


Again making an appointment.


But nothing is simple in the life, is Steve The beautiful is going to wait for a long time, YvonneWhich(Who) will never come, in the favorite bar, served by a cheeky barman,


Flooding his(her,its) distress in glasses of whiskey,


And still annoyed by it Stephen McNally Of cop, who came to smell the atmosphere enters Steve And Slim, Under the quietly ironic eye of Joan Miller.


But Lancaster Knows nothing, and is not of humor to be allowed poison the life by this intruder of inspector.


A few months were crossed(spent), both ex-young turtledoves re-cross themselves, what gives rise to a muscular explanation,


Finishing in many tears, announcing the big reconciliation!


But Slim Watch the grain(bead), and both lovers,


Are again chased away by the put hair cream.


Caught red-handed,


Steve Go, to dédouanner, offer in SlimA loaded truck on a tray(plateau)!


Big affair(business) planned by a mysterious chess player,


The target truck,


Led(Driven) by Steve


Be going to meet in an artificial fog, where both rivals,


Go, again be in confrontation!


Hurt, Steve Will notice that in front of the imminent vengeance of Slim AnnaLoose and mean, préferera to get out that to stay, leaving Lancaster In a profound confusion!


But Yvonne Will not have time to show a clean pair of heels,


Bus Dan Duryea Watched the grain(bead),


Arm armed with their tragic end!


For you I killed, is the history(story) of a lightning and destructive passion which distinguishes itself by its modernity. Formal modernity, with the stylistic effects which remind that Siodmak Thematic modernity was not a handle, in its camera, which places the fusionnel couple in the center of the police story, with one Yvonne de Carlo More sensual than never, poisonous beauty which instigates the male concupiscence, and will pull(entail) the tragic end of SteveAnd of Slim. Beyond the action(share) itself, reduced to the portion congrue, Kris Cross remains above all a tragic movie, in the antique sense(direction) of the term, in which the actors, the toys of the fate, are moved by ideals which transcend the simple greed. The wild love will lead(drive) Lancaster To commit the irreparable, the desire of vengeance of the deceived " husband " will aggravate the hatred of Slim. AnnaIn the center of all the attentions, will embody the pêcheresse woman, the object of all the care, playing his(her,its) charms to treat(manipulate) the men(people), without knowing their full will!

For you I killed calls back(reminds) me strangely The devilish lovers, the first movie of ViscontiRealized in 1942, when the beautiful Clara Calamaï Bewitched the virile Mario Girotti


Variation inspired on the femme fatale, the carnal she-devils who lose the men(people)!

Before mirroring sensual rumba ofYvonneCult scene(stage) of the movie, you make out a will on the career(quarry) of Burt LancasterBy answering it QUIZ.

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 3 15 /09 / frog /2010 14:44

In 2007, the brothers Cohen Joël And EthanTake(Bring) out a whodunit pulled(fired) by a novel of Cormac McCarthyNo. country for old men.

In her(it) lined by one Simple planOf Sam RaimiThe former(ancient) co-worker of the famous brothers, No. country tells the meeting, improbable, in the desert, enter a Texan hunter(fighter), Llewelyn Moss


And some corpses of narcos, which are entretués,During a deal which badly turned(shot)!


A lot of cocaine, but not of argrent!


MossWhich(Who) did not lose the sense(direction) of hunter(fighter), follows bloody tracks,


Of one of the narcos, which sheltered under two solitary trees,


Occis by a ball(bullet). A bag full of dollars,


Relaying with the dead narcos!


In parallel, another character, curious and disturbing, Anton Chigurh


Sow(Scatter) the death on roads with a singular weapon!


Both protagonists are going to cross themselves a little later, with one Moss Which(Who), full of remorse, is going, at night, to redo a tour(ballot) on the scene of the massacre, being chased by buddies of narcos,


And one ChigurhEngaged(Opened) by narcos, to get back the money(silver), helped by a small transmitter(issuer) hidden in the bag filled with talbins,


One pursuit race arbitrated by a shériff tired, played by Tommy Lee Jones.


Begin then one " road movie " through the South of the USA, between one Moss Which(Who) avoids(flees) the likely vengeance of the sad narcos, and one Javier BardemImperturbable psychopath, who drags his(her) big carcass on the deserted roads,


Frightening old petrol pump attendants,


Trucidant, at random, Texan long-distance truck drivers,


Stopping(Arresting) In tired motels,


In search of the lost money(silver)!


The movies of the brothers Cohen Often tell fates of man of the people, confronted with extraordinary situations, infra-stories(infra-trouble) which as the School of Annals, go away from state summits and from great(tall) men to become attached to the life of common people, cops of a tiny village of the Montana, in Fargo, to a being bored to death hairdresser, in The Barber, by way of Junior Arizona or The Big Lebowski. To them CohenThere is always this prosaïque fabric(tissue) of coarse and monotonous reality which tears with the arrival of disturbing characters, the tarés killers of Fargo or this serial-killer ofAnton ChigurhPsychopath in the disturbing smile,


Which(Who) pursues relentlessly this nice Texan of MossExceeded by the money(silver) which he(it) found, accidentally(by chance), and who makes work of this common sense, collectively shared, to escape the justice " chigurhienne "!


But BardemArm armed with narcos, imperturbable in its macabre approach(initiative), cannot be a person arrested, nor by the cops, the fatalists and powerless,


Nor by the mafia, which engages(starts) another killer to get back the saving!


The history(story) of Coen Is in fact only a pretext to navigate the roads of the Mexican border, populated with girls people who smell sweetly deep America,


Victims of the quiet fury of one Chigurh Which(Who) more than the money(silver), is made the armed arm of a kind of almost divine justice, striking, inexorably, all those who resist him(her) or put themselves through his(her,its) road!


There will be this dazed grocer who will toss for his life, without knowing that the death was there, but that its day had not come yet!


Movie four times oscarisés, in front of many in the interpretation(performance) hallucinated person of Javier BardemNo. country joins in the désanchantée vision which have Coen Of this consumerist America and materialist, eaten away by the greed and the money(silver), this quite powerful dollar which led astray the altruistic values, broke the human solidarities, throwing(planning) the individuals in chaotic fates which they do not master. No. country retie, also, with the kind(genre) of " road movie ", in these landscapes of an infinite unlimitedness, strengthening this impression(printing) of powerless humanity, in front of " fatum " merciless, which manages the world!

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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