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Sunday, January 1st, 2012 7 01 /01 / Jan /2012 07:05


You remember of James Dean And certainly not of Ricky NelsonWhich(Who) will have marked the USA not by his(her,its) actor's game(set,play) but rather for its country music which had made it a star of the kind(genre).

Nevertheless, from the age of 19 years, he(it) played in the famous Rio Bravo ofHoward HawksEnter John Wayne And Dean Martin


Pistolero young person joining the besieged fortress! This prestigious leading part promised it the others but the fate wanted it otherwise, because the young man made a career in the song rather than on film sets.

A small duet with Dean Martin To begin this new year!

By Tietie007 - Published in: personality - Community: local cinema
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Monday, December 5th, 2011 1 05 /12 / December /2011 05:42


Far from mabusiens banks, Fritz LangWhose career(quarry) is already long as day without bread, offers us a magnificent movie of adventures in this England of the 18eme century In the hamlet of Moonfleet,


Dark site,


Where certain John MohuneYoung child, looks for a named(appointed) protector Jeremy Fox. Fallen into the hands of cutters of throat(breast),




The flank is saved by the arrival of Stewart Granger


Jeremy Fox In question, surprised with the letter of a former(ancient) fiancée,


Olivia MohuneWhich(Who) sends him(her) his(her) son, John


In "pension"!

But Jeremy Fox Has only to make of a kid! This dandy adventurer is a man to woman,


Who likes organizing parties(holidays) in his(her,its) manor house,


Surrounded with an aéropage of noble Decadents! But the young person MohuneIntoxicated,


Is not allowed it count, and is going to convince the Mr. Fox


Of the utility of its presence, under the disturbing glance of the haughtiness Viveca Lindfors


Mohune Temporarily knighted, discover while his(her,its) new protector is other one than the leader of smugglers' band(strip), these bums who had collected(taken in) him(it), at the beginning, and who had almost to eliminate him(it)!


By one curious fate, the young man discovers curious one message, in a necklace about erain, with biblical judgments, codes to indicate(appoint) the place of a treasure. The lure of gain attracts(entices) Jeremy FoxAvid to leave Moonfleet,


To join with Lord Ashwood And his wife,


Couple of nobliaux fearing neither god nor man, which proposes to the Mr. Jeremy A dishonest association! At loggerheads with his(her) band(strip) of go - nudes-feet,


Looked for by constabulary, after the treason of an abandoned woman,


Jeremy Fox And his(her) young accomplice go, after some events, find the treasure, a diamond,


In a well!


The got back diamond(shine), Fox Release(Leave) his young friend to join the grasping duet,


But the adventurer, taken suddenly by remorse, leaves his(her) forgeries-friends, a ball(bullet) in the skin, to find John Mohune ! Fatally injured, he(it) has time to put back(to hand) him(her) the diamond, and to pretend to leave towards new horizons, which will be mortal to him(her).


The smugglers are characterized at first by of sublime decorations(sets) in studio, overseen by Cedric GibbonsCredited with 1500 appearances in the credits(generic medicines) of the MGM, and by a preciosity of the suits(costumes) which calls back(reminds) the viscontien blazing. In this affected and fantastic frame(executive), moves this adventurer of Jeremy FoxEpicurean in front of the eternal, philanderer who takes the face of the beautiful Stewart GrangerDon Juan swords-man who has only to make of this cumbersome offspring! Evolving in an environment(middle) of decadent nobliaux, only guided by their pleasures, the adventurer is gradually going to become fond of this intoxicated little boy, whose childish franchising(frankness) cuts in its world of shams which embody George Sanders


Guided by the only greed!


But it is in this carosse the carrying towards rich horizons, that the Mr. FoxMined(Undermined) by re-bites him(it), preferred the friendship of this child to the carats of this(they) cursed diamond! History(story) éminement moral, which tells the redemption of this adventurer at the beginning fearing neither god nor man, returned to the humanity by the action(share) of a child! To note the presence of the beautiful Swedish, Viveca LindforsLess known than his(her) congeners Garbo Or Ingrid BergmanWhich(Who) had a less prestigious career(quarry), but which(who) adorns itself with a glance of a strange beauty.

As for the young person Jon Whiteley


Small redhead with the facetious eyes, he is a recognized specialist of the art history, a specialist of the French painters today, and makes Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 2009, as which, the attendance(company) of Jeremy Fox He was beneficial!

By Tietie007 - Published in: adventures - Community: local cinema
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Sunday, November 20th, 2011 7 20 /11 / Nov /2011 05:06


Roger CormanSpecialist of the fast movie with low budgets Often telling exotic stories(trouble) as this " Attack of the huge crabs " Dashes, with Machine-gun Kelly, into the macabre film. Inspired by the life of George KellyGangster raging during the big depression Corman stages a villainous couple, well before Bonnie and Clyde ofArthur Penn Charles BronsonIn the role of Machine Gun Kelly and Susan CabotThe vamp of service, the regular customer of the productions Corman.


George and Flo train(form) a criminal duet which measures the Police,


And search(research) to make a big blow. George Appears as a badass, with the engraved face,


And his(her,its) machine-gun!


IL imposes it to his(her) gangsters' band(strip), of which Harry


A psychopathic manager who loves the pumas!


The band(strip) of loufiats imagines an attack of armored van, but at the last moment, Bronson Made overturn(collapse) the affair(business), because of a hearse and of a coffin who frightened him(her,it)! Because in this poisonous couple, appearances are misleading, and the virile GeorgeWho is afraid of deaths, is under the cup(cutting) of Susan CabotReal leader of the group.


The attacks of bank being too dangerous, the band(strip) filters in on the kidnapping of a child,


Put in confidence(trust) by the presence of a woman,


And by the visible kindness of George.


The kidnapping was made a success, the history(story) is transformed into closed door, real Calvary for BronsonWhich(Who) is humbled by one Susan Castrating and his(her) hired man!


The poor man George Will have only its phallus of steel, its machine-gun, to be respected!


Pursued by FloWhich(Who) puts him(it) more low that be in hiding,


Measured by Apple,


George "Machine Gun" Kelly Seems naked, without his(her,its) tool of preference, aboulique and totally enslaved(overcome) in the will of his wife!


We forget fast the girl and her children's nurse,


To appitoyer on the sad fate(spell) of GeorgeHumbled by his wife,


And his(her) mother-in-law!


Spotted(Located) by the Police, George Will even have no courage to defend(forbid) itself,


Leaving to the others the care of sniping at the cops,


And laying down arms without fighting(disputing)!


Preferring, ultimately the justice of the men(people) in that of his wife!


Singular movie that Hatch Gun KellyWhich is in no way an action movie how announces it with brass band the poster, but a psychological, very Freudian closed door, which stages a cowardly gangster, under the cup(cutting) of his(her,its) feminine castrating! Here, the machine-gun plays obviously a phallic role, a virile appendix for this poor man George Which(Who) has only that to assert its virility in front of one Susan Cabot In the poisonous charm. Movie enough mysogine, because presenting the woman as predatory one manipulator, Corman A score to settle with her mother had maybe! Curiously it is with this coward's role that Bronson Will be dedicated,


He, who will collect afterward, the roles of "badass" and upholder of the law! It is surprising on the other hand that Susan CabotHaughtiness in " not tamed shrew ", had no career(quarry) in the measure of its talent.


Because more than BronsonIt is her(it) who(which) bursts the screen and who(which) gives to this cormanien opus it " I do not know what " of devilish and it " almost nothing " of eroticism on the jazzy music of Gerald Fried. But the young actress, will abandon(give up) the cinema next year and will die tragically, murdered, in 1986.

A special mention(distinction), also, in Frank De KovaThe hired man in the dented trogne which accommodated in its gas station, a puma...

As for Charles "Machine Gun" Bronson


This movie will throw(launch) its career(quarry), and it will move on, the same year, with 7 Mercenaries of certain John Sturges !

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Friday, October 21st, 2011 5 21 /10 / Oct /2011 07:49


Industrial village in Pensylvannie,


Worker handling a blowtorch,


Cimino Plant his(her,its) decoration(set) from the beginning, between factory chimneys and pub where a group of friends which(who) work in the same factory détentent.


John CazaleAmong whom(which) it will be the last movie, because reached(affected) by a cancer of bones, during the shooting, drink with his(her) friends,


Of whom(which) Of Niro And Christopher Walken.


A big party(holiday) gets ready, because Steven PushkovPlayed by John SavageHas to get married.

cazale savage hunter

The opportunity(occasion) for Cimino To film an endless wedding scene(stage), by being inspired, certainly, by the scene(stage) of opening of the Godfather,


During whom(which) Nick//Walken Will make his(her) demand(request) in Linda//Meryl Streep.


This festive evocation of the fate of a small Russian community, in full industrial Pensylvannie, highlights the happy solidarity of his(her) members, through this group of buddies which does not jib raising the elbow,


And to call to a soldier,


Which(Who) comes back from Vietnam!


The nouba finishes, and the drunk troop decides to leave hunting(chasing away,going hunting),


Opportunity(Occasion) for the director to show us the contrast enters this manufacturer city(estate),

usine fog

And this spotless nature.



Hunting scene which welds this male friendship,



And connect(bind) this community with this Earth of Pensylvannie!

Brutally the decoration(set) changes, and its mountains, Of Niro//Michael Vronsky Meets in the Vietnamese jungle


To burn(blow) out of the vietcong with his(her,its) lance-flame! Striking contrast, narrative break which plunges us into the horrors of the war, far from soft Pensylvannie! Arrested, with Nick And SteveConfined in a cage(goal) plunged into a river,


To watch géôliers making play prisoners the Russian roulette!



Steven Nick Then Michael Will pass there...



Under the glance frightened by his(her) friends!


By taking(bringing) out supernaturally, the war of Vietnam will amount to this part(party) of Russian roulette which will summarize the atrocity of the war and will allow in CiminoWith this narrative process, to avoid itself of long scenes(stages) warriors. "Journey" is in fact no war movie, but a history(story) on the effects of the war!

Because when Michael Will return to his(her,its) small village, to its deep America,


To find the friends and the family,


In particular LindaWith whom(which) he was secretly in love,



The community will have profoundly been boulversée and the fortunately sad reunion,


In the sound of a moving requiem.


Because the war bruised the legs of Steve


Sat(Based) in a wheelchair for the remainder of its life! Nick Untraceable rest, and, for MichaëlThe collection(quest) is going to begin, finishing in a shanty of Bangkok,


Around a gun,


And an unchained(given rise to) assistance(audience) betting on the winners(conquerors) of part(party) of Russian roulette, still she(it)!


Michael Try to convince his friend Nick Not to go there, even going as far as participating in it


But nothing will make for it...NickDestroyed(Annulled) psychically by the war, will not be more than a lobotomisé robot,


Who will owe inevitably dead!


Paroxystic moment of the movie, this duel with the castor(roulette) between both friends, the one lending itself in mortal game(set,play), to try to save the other one, in vain!

Return in Pensylvannie, in a Greek Orthodox Church,


For the funeral of Nick, tragic scene(stage) answering the happiness shared of the beginning. Funeral(dismal) meal gathering(combining) all the friends,


The last one trinquage in honour of Nick


And the veil falls on men's history(men's story,people history,people story)!

Movie taken(brought) out in 1979, almost at the same moment as Apocalyspe Now, of Francis Ford CoppolaThis opus distinguishes itself from equivalent prestigious sound, outdone(subsidized) in Cannes, by its intimism singular, cutting with the wagnerian lyric of the first one! Movie about the effects of the war, destroying(annulling) a small Russian community in Pensylvannie, The Deer Hunter is not at all a warlike action movie, but an evocation bittersweet on the discreet implosion of a group of friends, subjected to the horrors of the Vietnamese conflict, which goes crescendo, of the festive marriage of the beginning, to the touched funeral of the end. In majestic mountain landscapes of America, will answer this Russian roulette, allegory of the war and the vital lead of the movie, too present and repetitive to my taste, Cimino Sinking into the a little bit heavy hyperbola, which did not take place to be.

The scene(stage) of the beginning is a little bit a bit long, not to say endless, occupying near the third(third party) of the movie, which has the merit to anchor the history(story) in a human community, but which fills a little the history(story) by its monotomne slowness!

Nevertheless the movie remains a success, even if it a little aged, with its tempo pianissimo which can serve as good sleeping drug!

The evocation of this labor city with this Russian community is moving, in the happiness as in the misfortune, and the final scene(stage), where all the friends meet around a table, honoring the memory of NickIllustrate the deaf solidarity which connects(binds) these men(people) and these women, which will not be allowed bring(shoot) down by the tragic disappearance of one of theirs!








He(It) gets free, even today, a profound nostalgia, of The deer hunter, evocation of a lost paradise destroys(annuls) by the war, under the music of Stanley Myers.

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 7 02 /10 / Oct /2011 05:43


Before becoming the official director ofAlain Delon Of whom(which) the magnificent Swimming pool, then of Belmondo Jacques Deray Had begun in the spy thriller very "Cold war". After du Rififi in Tokyo, with Karl-Heinz Böhm François-Joseph Of SissiAnd in 1966, he tells us double agent's history(story) in Vienna. The interest of this opus, likes especially its casting which gathers(combines) some some of the best lower jaws of the French cinema of time(period). Lino VenturaVery sober,


Comes in the Austrian capital to test one of his(her) agents, played by Jean BouiseAtypical comedian by his physical appearance, that Besson Will dedicate last time in its Big Blue.


Margery, say " the lame ", thus lead curious one saraband That Lino Try to decipher. Mysterious, even by the telephone,



The lame shows itself viscous as an eel!


A business lawyer, played by Jean ServaisThat of Riffifi at men(people), of DassinOf whom(which) Deray The assistant was,


Cheek also a very curious game(set,play) and is in touch with certain ChalieffInterpreted by Wolfgang PreissGerman of service, chess player in his spare time,


And which(who) exercises a certain pressure on Bouise The boîteux,


By holding(detaining) his(her,its) regular!


You follow? The lawyer(avocado) Served This nice is then going to deceive LinoBy feigning a death,


Ventura Loses his(her) Latin there... This cane belongs in Margery


Or in the lawyer(avocado) Weigelt ?


Put in a whirl by all this tumult, Lino Takes a stroke and is going to nose about towards(as for) the shanty of the so-called lawyer(avocado) occis, where it masters a threadlike butler.


He(It) discovers while Served/Weigelt Is always very alive,


Admitting that he(it) tried to deceive him(it), on order of Chalieff ...


The bad glance of Weigelt Pierce our voucher Lino !

The affair(business) finishes in an airport, where a customs officer, played by Reinhard KolldehoffIn the physical appearance of wrestler, double ofAdolfo Celi


Measure our secret agent, who, being passed for MargeryA suitcase of talbins by a Chinese is put back(handed)...


Then after some bastos sent to annul the "yellow peril", Lino Goes away, with Marilu ToloTowards an uncertain horizon...



You will have understood that if this movie remained anonymous, it is that it does not shine with its excellence. With a tempo pianissimo, which looks like in of MelvilleWithout the talent of the last one, we tend to dip(to nod off) by listening to the endless dialogues which hum slowly... This opus of espionage chatterbox, anti-James Bond par excellence and very John Le CarréPeach(Fishing) by its lack of energy and its over-subtle scenario, nevertheless written by José Giovanni !

But there is a pleiad of excellent actors, that we have pleasure to find, that DerayAs TitienPortraitisent with talent and the jazzy BO of Michel Magne !

By Tietie007 - Published in: French Whodunit - Community: local cinema
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