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Friday, November 9 2012

Anniversary of the death of Stieg Larsson

A day like today died at the age of 50 Stieg Larsson, rest in peace.

Lisbeth Salander, hunting for Charles Dickens

Five years after the publication of the third volume of the Millennium series In the world have sold 65 million copies of the books, which are on the way to become works of fiction more sold of all history: it is generally accepted that the first is Tale of Two Cities, With more than 200 million units, but the work of Charles Dickens leads in the market since 1859 and the novels of Stieg Larsson appeared in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
We accept the opinion entusiamada of Mario Vargas Llosa( "i have read Millennium with happiness and excitement with that of febrile child Leia to Dumas or Dickens. Fantastic. This trilogy heartens us secretly. Perhaps all is not lost in this imperfect world") or we are challenging the doubt about why we don't like both the bad novels and their abundant clichés - before going further, here is my confession: I was fascinated by the first volume, which ends in two days; i liked the second moderately and i could not finish the third, which i thought was a manuscript lacking in two or three corrections to fund-, but the fact is that the characters created by the prematurely dead Swedish journalist and writer, in particular heroin incorrect Lisbeth Salander, have achieved the category of myths with a haste very own voracious of the frenzy of the times.
Cubierta en coreano de uno de los libros de la saga Millennium
In Korean cover of one of the books of the Millennium trilogy
A Google search from the protagonist's name -hacker, punk, smoker, bisexual, uninhibited, intelligent, present nemesis, asocial, legal, militant ( "no security system is no stronger than its weakest user" ), possible deAsperger sick, evil spoken, almost anorexic (42 kilos), exresidente in psychiatric and other gulags state for different, exciting, ventitantos, meter and a half…- reaches almost three million results. Lisbeth Salander influences on fashion, starring a imminent comic (drawn by the catalan Josep Homs), becomes Application for Smartphone, Is cited as unaresiliente manual of psychology, becomes enreferentepostmodern ethics of antisystem ( "never spoke with police and officials" ), exercises unfeminismoend and is the most Malota (and also the only attractive) Millionaire fiction described by the reviewsForbes.
An observation: the power of the impact of inconstestable Salander in his generation. In the thematic website of Spanish publishers of the book, destination, there are messages from readers, especially women, in this tone: "a warrior who is given pride of place, she says to society much although not open your mouth"; "An antisocial, a fighter innate, a singularHacker"; "Beautiful, tough, and so fragile, that overwhelms and one cannot fail to stabilise and empathize with her"; "a survivor who struggle against adversity. And yes, this type of characters who fight against something is very seen. The difference is that this time, the fighter is a woman, and fight against men"; "finally we see a superwoman, not only sexy and beautiful…, but intelligent and normal"…
Diseño de Jonathan Barker, ganador de un concurso 'online' sobre cubiertas alternativas de los libros de Larsson
Design of Jonathan Barker, winner of a contest 'online' on covers alternatives of Larsson's books
Another observation, is of a personal nature. In the city I live in -no matter what: the western cities are the same city repeated with differing shades very mild- bookshops abound of second hand. In all of them, without exception, encounter each time entrodocenas abandoned of copies of the three novels of Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The girl who played with fire and a drum of petrol And The queen in the palace of the air currents.
I never understood the drop when it comes to a book of those that you have bonded soul and i can't help but wonder if the passionate readers of the trilogy do not want to reread it. If that is the norm, how do we speak of a passing phenomenon and short-range, of a trend very twenty-first century of rapid consumption and abandonment?, prefer the followers of the novels the digital edition and have decided to, very much in agreement with the postpunk Salander,Without the hassle of the roles and accumulate onlyBytes? (Larson, by the way was the first writer in history to reach the Million copies sold in E-book In Amazon)…
In other words, ?Lisbeth Salander will represent the values of individualism and freedom that Huck Finn Represented for the youth of the nineteenth century And Holden Caulfield for the of the XX?, Larsson will be able to achieve with Dickens? It should perhaps be be prepared for the paradigm shift and know some literary circumstance more of the Swedish author: an idealist as blindspot as to implement an analysis troskista to the current reality, an activist of noble causes, an avid science fiction, a silent witness and listless during their adolescence of a gang rape of a young woman and, in order, a writer capable - and few are - shake the ingredients of his life in the vortex of the fiction to subjugate readers.
Stieg Larsson y sus padres, en torno a 1955
Stieg Larsson and his parents, around 1955
1. Son of adolescents in the mine more dirty. Karl Stig-Earland Larsson -changed its name later by Stieg - was born on 15 August 1954 in the village of Skelleftehamn, a fishing hamlet situated 600 kilometers north of Stockholm and not too far from the Arctic Circle. Her parents had known a year before, when they were fifteen. She, Vivianne Böstrom, is fraught with almost immediately. Living with a partner and in miserable conditions almost in a apartment of a single stay and without heating. The father, Erland Larsson, works in the mine of Rönnskärsverken, one of the industries more dirty and polluting of the Nordic countries with surpluses of sulfuric acid derived from the processes of removal of the factory, owned by Boliden AB -causing the ecological disaster of Aznalcóllar in the Doñana National Park in 1998-. Trade unions say that employees of the mine in Sweden sneeze blood and die before the 50. The government never investigates complaints.
2. The collaboration of Sweden with Hitler, revealed by the grandfather. When the parents of Stieg leave for Stockholm in search of a future something better, the child, of a year, left to care for the maternal grandparents Severin and Tekla, with whom he is living up to the nine. Severin, which had been militant and anti-nazi continued to believe in the goodness of the orthodox communism, the child the darkest episode in the recent history of Sweden. Although the country was in theory neutral during World War II, it is true that acted as a Partner of the Nazism: Provided raw materials (iron and other minerals) to the German war industry, allowed millions of soldiers from marching through their territory Hitler to come to Norway, Denmark and Finland and censored all the propaganda against nazism. Some 300,000 communists, anarchists or liberal with conscience were locked up in concentration camps. The revelation of this disgraceful national secrets, which are seldom mentioned in public in Sweden, shocked the small Stieg and becomes one of the reasons for his life.
Larsson y su máquina de escribir
Larsson and his typewriter
3. Genetic susceptibility to heart attacks. If something is written in the genes of the maternal branch of Larsson is le propensity to early infarcts. The grandfather Severin dies of one in 1962, at the age of 55. The grandmother, on the other hand, in 1968, at 57. The mother, in 1991, at 55.
4. The machine. When Stieg is 12 years old, her parents -to whom the things are going better: working in retail, had had another child and live in Umeå- they give a typewriter Facit, iron and very noisy. Parents repent: for the guy can't typing -favorite themes: politics, science fiction and Diexismo (Listen and identify radio stations distant and exotic) -. Between the radio receiver and Facit is as much the brawl that Larsson rented a small local to Stieg and their pots in a basement of the adjacent building.
5. Maoist and witness a violation. Increasingly radical in its tenets, in 1969 and in full global campaign of protests against the intervention of the US in Vietnam - not censored by the Swedish social democratic government-, Stieg enlists in a Maoist party, the DFFG, and is declared "anti-racist and feminist". That same year, in a summer camp, is witnessing several teenagers, some of them friends, violate to a girl. Stieg does not intervene. Later finds the girl and tries to ask for his forgiveness. She lashing out by cowardly. It has been published that the name of the victim was Lisbeth.
Stieg Larsson y Eva Gabrielsson en 1980
Stieg Larsson and Eva produced by Lisbet Gabrielsson in 1980
6. Rejected as a journalist. After trying without success to enter a school of journalism (suspended the admission exam) and work as a locksmith, plenum press, an employee of a laundry, begins to publish parts of science fiction fanzines. In 1973 in a known anti-war demonstration to the student of ArquitecturaEvaproduced by Lisbet Gabrielsson. Live together until the death of Larsson.
7. Instructor of granaderas in Eritrea. In 1977, already away from Maoism and affiliated with the tiny party troskista swedish, in whose publications signature pieces under the pseudonym Severin, in honor of his grandfather, organizes a trip to Eritrea for attempting to enter in contact with the communist guerrilla of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front. Before leaving Sweden writes two letters that ball: "Open only after my death". One is a declaration of love for Eva and the second a "testament" through the cualdona their meager belongings to the Workers League Communists, a union troskista. After a difficult journey, Larsson achieved contact with the guerrillas and trains women in the use of grenades with the basic techniques that he had learned a few years before during military service. You have to go back in a hurry to Sweden by a serious kidney infection complicated with high fevers caused by malaria.
Portada del primer número de "Expo"
Cover of the first number of "Expo"
8. "Threat against the white race". To earn a living working as an illustrator, since 1979, the agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå, but what really passionate about is to write about fascism and racism. In 1987 broken their ties with the Trotskyists and in 1991 he published his first book, Extremhögern (Extreme right), with the journalist Anna-Lenna Lodenius. Undertakes with the faction of Swedish Stop Racism and is part of the core founder of the magazine Expo, WHICH WAS backed by a non-profit foundation. Published the first issue in 1995 and announced that they devote themselves to the investigative journalism to stop the rise of neo-nazism in Sweden. A year later a supremacist group publishes a photo and the direction of Larsson, suggesting that it should "be removed as a threat against the white race"; the language of the journal is attacked by a gang of extremists and the personal data of Larsson also appear in power of a detainee by neo-nazi connections that had been a commissioned officer of the SS and Hitler in the homes of the accused of murdering union leader Björn Söderberg. In an era in which several Swedish journalists suffer attacks, including one fatality, the Police offers to Larsson escort for months. The journalist published a book on the political party Sverigeremokraterna (Democrats from Sweden), that masks a ideology of the extreme right under a guise of nationalism.
Stieg Larsson
Stieg Larsson
9. The first editors did not open the envelope with the manuscript. In 2002, during the summer holidays, Larsson begins to develop what will be the Millennium trilogy. After leaving that Eva and a few close friends read the manuscripts of the first two novels, the sends, in 2003, to the editorial Piratförlaget, where ever, as they themselves have recognized, arrived to open the envelope back with a formal letter of rejection. In the second publisher, the legendary Norstedts, if you read the parts and offer you immediately to the author a contract for three novels and a preview of rights of 70,000 euros. It is April 2004. On 15 August Larsson is 50 years old. Going to be a party but the postpones to continue writing fiction. His friends are happier than ever. Even has gained weight.
10. "Maybe if i have pain in your chest". On 9 November 2004 has an appointment in the office of Expo. When you reach the elevator is faulty and rises seven floors on foot. Arrives pale, sweaty, loose. His friends wonder if you feel bad, if you want to call an ambulance. "Maybe yes, it hurts my chest," she said before they collapsed with a heart attack. He died an hour later, in the hospital.
Cubierta de la primera edición en Suecia del libro inicial de la saga
Cover of the first edition in Sweden of the initial book of the saga
11. The battle postmortem by fortune. Since the publication of the first volume of the saga, which appeared in Sweden in August 2005 with the title Män som Hatar Kvinnor (men who hate women) -then replaced in some parts of the world by the more commercial The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (The Girl with the dragon tattoo) -, and with globalization milmillonaria in the novels, a bitter legal battle and moral erupts between the father and the brother of writer and Eva produced by Lisbet Gabrielsson. Swedish laws do not recognize rights of inheritance to de facto couples and the companion of Larsson for three decades has not received a penny of the fortune that have generated the novels and their adaptations to the cinema. She argues that the father and the brother is always deserters Larsson, but some close friends of this, as the Kurdish militant anti-racist struggles Baksi, say otherwise. The writer died without leaving another testament that letter written before travel to Eritrea in 1977. Swedish courts have ruled against the half a dozen militants of the group troskista who wanted to assert their right to the fortune because the provision of the Charter, according to the court's ruling, it was only valid if Larsson died on the trip to Eritrea.
Stieg Larsson
Stieg Larsson
12. Nazis parliamentarians. In the 2010 elections, the Democrats in Sweden, after an election campaign advocating racial hatred, obtained 20 seats in the Parliament of Sweden. This is the first time that a group filonazi enters the Riksdag from the II World War.
13. The vengeance of God. Apparently, Larsson had time to write a manuscript almost complete another novel and notes for some more. It is possible that Eva produced by Lisbet Gabrielsson has the original unpublished, but would be in a laptop that belonged to the magazine Expo. What is the novel? We know that develops in part in Canada's northwest that Lisbeth Salander "gets rid of his enemies and their own demons" and that the unassuming that handled Larsson was The vengeance of God.
14. Two songs (and 240 cups of coffee). In the three novels of Larsson, despite the naturalistic portrait of the brain and neurotic society of Sweden, there is little alcohol -Lisbeth is rather abstemious and journalist Mikael Blomkvist only gives some malta annexd in special moments-, although many cups of coffee (240) and even a machine to make espresso, the Jura impressa being X7, which costs about 3,000 euros, although the writer, in a blunder, gives the value of 10.0000 . As a good son of the fifties, Larsson in the saga includes two very relevant musical nods:Mary, a topic of Blondie in 1999 that talks about a girl that all "cares very little" YCAT People (Putting Out the Fire), David Bowie (1982), which revolves around the idea of "fighting fire with gasoline".
Lisbet, Modesty y Pippi
Lisbet, modesty and Pippi
15. Who is Lisbeth? In Lisbeth Salander analysts and semiologos traits have been found of Pippi Långstrump, the fictional character of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. Pippi Longstocking, Lisbeth is the girl of the world stronger, more than any man, and moves at high speed. Another character-mirror is Modesty Blaise, a girl with no name and past criminal activity that known strange arts of fighting and facing to eccentric villains abound among the "ghosts" of their own past. However, it seems that The true inspiration of Larsson is his niece Therese, With that crossed hundreds of e-mails while writing the novels to feel the sensitivity teenager. The girl, who was then 15 years, was very skinny, dressed in black to the punk and he got without fear in fights against boys. She was very sincere with his uncle in the exchange and showed confessional and delighted to collaborate. Thérèse, who has never spoken about your brand on the character, Larsson received the best of the praise: "Lisbeth Salander you".

Saturday, June 2 2012

Millenium The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Bluray Extras The Look of Salander Video

This is another highly anticipated video! I hope you enjoy! That has cost shunt! IRE rising more when you can..

Millenium 1 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Bluray Extras Irene Nesser Video

Here is the long-awaited video of the Bluray Millenium 1 Irene Nesser on going up the other that failed to have the full bluray also ...
I hope you like it and if!

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