Video:result of the investigation on the auto- immolations in the Tibetan region of Aba in the Chinese province of Sichuan


Here is the result of this judicious investigation which crops the circumstances of the self-immolations in China.

It is sad to see these young victims , indoctrinated by a band of thugs, commit suicide just to satisfy the thirst for power and greed of Dalai Lama and his band.


Reading the article in English

If you want to stop these acts contrary to the law and to the Buddhist moral must be judged Dalai Lama , condemn to death any person who is responsible for the self-immolations.

Almost all the victims are monks because the true goal is to restore a theocratic society. In addition it is a fact that these acts against nature are held outside of the Tibet Autonomous Region or the Tibetan population and other does not aspire that see their standard of living continue to be for improve.

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