Twenty three million Chinese taken out of the poverty in 2012 is 900 millions for 30 years


It is a joke, but she summarizes well the social reality of China today. It is better to be rich in China and it is better to be poor in France.

The number of persons living under the poverty line in China considerably fell in 2012, thanks to the efforts strengthened of the country to increase the income of the inhabitants, indicate the official statistics made public on Friday.

The Office of State of the Statistics (BES) announced on Friday that last year 23,39 million rural inhabitants had passed over the poverty line at present fixed to 2.300 yuans (365,83 dollars) a year, carrying the total number of poor rural inhabitants in 98,99 millions the end of 2012.


The poverty in the rural zones is one of the main difficulties which meets the second world economy and the country the most populated to the world.

In 2012, China raised the average net income of the rural inhabitants in 7.917 yuans a year, increasing by 10,7 % with regard to the same period of the previous year, according to figures published previously by the BES.

It is not some dissidents, widely paid by foreign occult organizations to create disorders in China nor theocrat has been Dalai Lama, that can destabilize the power but the distance become too important enters rich and poor who could result in a revolt.

Future new president Xi Jinping, who exiled in the campaign 5 years, affected of the finger the poverty is very aware of it and shod all its possible for the prosperity of the country and améliorré the situation of the most deprived and to dyke the impoverishment of the Chinese farmers.


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